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在機床銷售部門,有一批充滿朝氣和勇于開拓的機床專業銷售人員。在大家的不懈努力下,該部門的業務能力和銷售業績不斷成長,除了代理大隈(OKUMA)生產的系列產品,我們的代理產品還包括:卡帕尼爾斯(KAPPNILES)系列產品  ,英國LK三座標(LK coordinate)系列產品,三菱機床(Mitsubishi)系列產品,亞司達(Yasda)系列產品。

Jiangsu Qinghe Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. mainly sells machinery and equipment produced in Japan, Europe and the United States. In the spirit of "breaking the limits and pursuing extraordinary", we have built a healthy bridge of cooperation between customers and manufacturers. Over the years, we have introduced many advanced equipment to many large and medium-sized enterprises in China, and provided them with Satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales service support has won a good reputation. Our main cooperation is Okuma, Japan's Okuma Co., Ltd., one of Japan's big CNC machine tool plants. Up to now, it has a history of more than 100 years. It mainly produces general CNC lathes and machining centers, and develops and produces OSP CNC devices by itself. The products are famous for their good rigidity, high efficiency, stable precision, long service life and convenient operation.

In the sales department of machine tools, there are a lot of young and professional sales staff of machine tools. With the unremitting efforts of everyone, the business capabilities and sales performance of this department are constantly growing. In addition to the full range of products produced by Okuma, our agency products also include: kapaniles series products, UK LK coordinate series products, Mitsubishi series products, yastar series products.